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We are a shop, farm, and learning lab specializing in heirloom floral and botanical cuttings and plant based goods.  Join us in our botanical exploration.

Flora Journal

About a logo

Anna Campbell

The logo means everything to a business. Ours centers around a triangle for the three parts of our business, a circle for inclusiveness and a name which hails to the societies of yesteryear. We are lovers of those whose joy comes from sharing so we share with you three things, a magazine, a shop and our corner lot packed with all things flora. The name is from the word floriculture, the practice of growing cut flowers which we played off to bring in the culture of flowers. It's just not cut flowers we are here to explore but what comes as a result of flowers. Cultural traditions, parfumeries, designers of all disciplines, there are so many avenues which are seldom explored and shared these days. We aim to bring them to you three fold.