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662 7th Street
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We are a shop, farm, and learning lab specializing in heirloom floral and botanical cuttings and plant based goods.  Join us in our botanical exploration.

Flora Journal

Anna Campbell

Week 2 down at the new shop and it feels so good!  Over the past month we've transformed our little space into an airy, crisp haven that is spilling over with amazing flowers and botanical cuttings from our growers.  Young pomegranates, juicy branches of blackberry with red, black, and green berries all at once, and perfect star shaped Swan garden roses.

The farm is chugging along too!  Our bulb house is up and Linda uprooted just about every weed within a 10 foot radius of the farm.  (I even caught her sweeping the street!)  

It is so wonderful to see all of our hard work mounting into something beautiful and to connect with our customers over a love of plants, scent, and design.  Feeling truly lucky this week and thankful for each of you and your kind words of encouragement.  If you haven't made it over to the shop we'd love to see you!  Promise we'll send you home with something pretty.